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Welcome To The ArT øF ExEcuTioN Clan Forum. We Are A Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 Clan For The PSP. Founded By Hunt3r With The Help Of Neso And Myth.

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AøE Hunt3r

Post by AøE Hunt3r on Sat Feb 13, 2010 12:00 am

Gaming: Hello, my name is Hunt3r, the founder and leader of AøE. This is my tenth clan I've led, but my first to found. I've led KR, GK, GF, BNP, iP, AoA, T2O, PL, PiA, and now AøE in that order. I have had six accounts in the top 100, and will be seven once I get there with my AoE account. x) I have many gaming and leading talents in three games; MoHH1-2, and FTB2. I get hated and disrespected throughout MoHH2, but in the long run, people know that there are few on this planet who are better. (d)

Personal Info: My name is Michael, I live in the Queen City, and I'm a playa. Razz I am a 16 year old sophomore, I play varsity baseball for the best high school baseball program in Ohio, and I play JV Football. Javier Aguirre is the only friend I have that lives over 1500 miles away from me, Clutch is only 1400. Haha, jk Bowz I<3U. My favorite TV show is Family Guy, haven't you heard? B-b-b-bird, bird, bird, bird is the word. x)

AøE Hunt3r

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