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FTB3 AøE Official Roster (Refreshed Every Day)

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FTB3 AøE Official Roster (Refreshed Every Day)

Post by AøE Hunt3r on Tue Feb 23, 2010 11:38 pm

Official AoE Roster; Last Update- 22:48:13 | 2-23-10

Leaders: [Can Do Anything]
[AoE] MichaelTanner03 (Hunt)

Co Leaders: [Can Start Wars, Recruit, And Cut]
[AoE] X-True-Soldier-X (Doggy)
[AoE] X-GoDSoN-x017 (Neso)

Generals: [Loyal, Experienced Members]
[AoE] XxChRoMaTicxX (Savage)
[AoE] xTuRtLe_4Ex (Turtle)

Privates: [Recruits, Inexperienced As AøE]
[AoE] SvPeR_MaIV
[AoE] Latin_Reject
[AoE] WiCk3dTuNeZ

8 out of 11 Possible Members
Roster News:
2/23- Roster created.

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